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The Zones:

Zone 0: Forum News

Only the forum admin will start new topics in this zone.

The Forum Rules & Guidelines board is read-only. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you should start a thread on the Suggestion Box board in Zone 1.

The Announcements board should be pretty self-explanatory. Members may reply to threads on this board.

Zone 1: Mind Your Manners

Polite discussion is expected on all of the boards in Zone 1. "Polite" is up to moderator discretion. There will be no trolling, mocking, flaming, insulting, personal attacks or profanity permitted in Zone 1. Any discussions deemed "impolite" will be relocated to one of the boards in Zones 2 or 3.

Zone 2: Civil Discourse

This is where you may post all of your threads which have been deemed "controversial" on other forums. Before starting a new thread in this area, be sure to check if the topic already exists. If it does, feel free to bump up the discussion and add your thoughts. Duplicate threads may be merged, at moderator discretion.

It's okay to get a little heated in Zone 2, but please try to remain respectful of each other and the differing opinions. There will be no trolling, mocking of fellow forum members, flaming, insulting, personal attacks or profanity permitted in Zone 2. Any discussions deemed disrespectful, again by moderator discretion, will be relocated to one of the boards in Zone 3.

Zone 3: Member's Only

The Zone 3 boards will only be visible to members who are currently logged in. They will not be viewable to guests. You will notice that Zone 3 currently consists of 2 boards: "The Woodshed" and "Behind the Woodshed". Anyone who doesn't wish to participate in Zone 3 discussions has the option of collapsing that section of the forum by clicking on the minus (-) sign in that zone's header. Out of sight, out of mind, and it's as good as poofed, as long as you don't peek. You are your own moderator!

(Please note that the ability to collapse sections of the forum is not available in the mobile version of the site.)

"Behind the Woodshed" is where the worst of the devolved threads will be relocated, at moderator discretion. Feel free to continue your battles in here and leave the rest of us out of it. If differences cannot be resolved, it is up to each poster to place their foes on their own personal ignore lists.

The only zone where profanity will be tolerated is Zone 3!!

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